Thursday, 10 January 2013

Almost a Year

Hi cant believe I havent posted a blog for such a long time. Truth be known loading the pictures just didnt seem to work well and it put me off. I am going to have another attempt today using our faithfull laptop if its slow and offputting I will try the new super duper ipad perhaps that will encourage me more.

I have been very busy over the past few months not only
popping off in our holiday home on wheels but crocheting and attending a few craft fairs.

However because I used my phone a fair bit to take most of my pictures and my phone had to be reset two or three times I have lost the pictures of some of my craft fairs.

This is at a lovely fair at a local farm, I had a really lovely day it was a little chilly as it was December but I wrapped up warm and was fine.

This was at Sharpes Pottery in Swadlincote a two day fair it was a lovely two days as I was with very good friends but sales not so good :-(

Can you spot the mistake      --------     I attached the letters looking at them upside down and the Y was back to front it has been corrected!!!!

This started out as a cardigan but I soon discovered I would not have enough yarn to complete, so rather than undo!!!! I kept it and popped it in my unfinished bag of bits. Then weeks later I had a brainwave and out it came and with some folding and sewing and button adding it became a lovely Owl Doorstop - the first thing sold at one of my craft fairs!!



The above two pictures were some of my own altered designs a much larger baaabaaara the lamb and allsorts bear, pictures not great - sorry I loved the allsorts bear and so did someone alse because he was soon snapped up from my stall :-)

This was a baby blanket crocheted for a favour cute isnt it.

Christmas lunch in our holiday home on wheels at Sandringham it was our first time away at Christmas quiet, bit strange but enjoyed it.

and finally my christmas wreath made from crochet and vintage buttons courtesy of my nan - bless her

bye bye for now and happy hooking and hoeing x x x x x x

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