Thursday, 10 January 2013

Almost a Year

Hi cant believe I havent posted a blog for such a long time. Truth be known loading the pictures just didnt seem to work well and it put me off. I am going to have another attempt today using our faithfull laptop if its slow and offputting I will try the new super duper ipad perhaps that will encourage me more.

I have been very busy over the past few months not only
popping off in our holiday home on wheels but crocheting and attending a few craft fairs.

However because I used my phone a fair bit to take most of my pictures and my phone had to be reset two or three times I have lost the pictures of some of my craft fairs.

This is at a lovely fair at a local farm, I had a really lovely day it was a little chilly as it was December but I wrapped up warm and was fine.

This was at Sharpes Pottery in Swadlincote a two day fair it was a lovely two days as I was with very good friends but sales not so good :-(

Can you spot the mistake      --------     I attached the letters looking at them upside down and the Y was back to front it has been corrected!!!!

This started out as a cardigan but I soon discovered I would not have enough yarn to complete, so rather than undo!!!! I kept it and popped it in my unfinished bag of bits. Then weeks later I had a brainwave and out it came and with some folding and sewing and button adding it became a lovely Owl Doorstop - the first thing sold at one of my craft fairs!!



The above two pictures were some of my own altered designs a much larger baaabaaara the lamb and allsorts bear, pictures not great - sorry I loved the allsorts bear and so did someone alse because he was soon snapped up from my stall :-)

This was a baby blanket crocheted for a favour cute isnt it.

Christmas lunch in our holiday home on wheels at Sandringham it was our first time away at Christmas quiet, bit strange but enjoyed it.

and finally my christmas wreath made from crochet and vintage buttons courtesy of my nan - bless her

bye bye for now and happy hooking and hoeing x x x x x x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

hello popping in before lengthy holiday

I have been so busy of late with work visiting family, catching up with garden and household chores.
I need to have everywhere reasonably tidy before we go away.
Getting nervous now as we are off tomorrow.
I think I have everything we need if not we wil have to go without.

I have finished a couple of projects although not as many as I would like I think it is due to needing the sunshine and use of my conservatory.

So first past the finishing post was........

A Daisy Cat door stop cute eh ?

Then I thought a take on the tea cosy most of us have made sort of spring daffodil colours

Ummm yes I like this very much

Then I thought.....

Why not make a smaller one in hues of blue.

I will make the rainbow coloured one in time as I do love that one but its on the back burner for now.

My lovely stripey blanket is at a dormant stage - usable but I can always add to it if I want it a little bigger -

And now a closer picture

I am very very pleased with this it will travel with me in the holiday home on wheels to warm those chilly evenings.

And the last picture I have to show is a little gem

I love it I am going to make lots more in different colours !!!

Well I think that is all for now but I will be back with holiday - cruise news and an eagerness to read a backlog of lovely blogs.

Bye for now my lovelies

Happy hooking and hoeing

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello fellow bloggers

I really dont know where the days and weeks go to, they stream past me in a moment and I never believed my parents and my old boss when they said time will fly by when you are older back in the days when I couldnt wait to be 18 !!
But its true I work Monday and Tuesday and then once again its Tuesday evening.
I log on and really look forward to reading a freinds blog, which she regularly up dates every Tuesday evening she is very good - not like myself and its full of good pics and news.
Me on the other hand - well as I still struggle with my camera ( I'm sure its the soft ware we have to use) I dont get my pics on quick enough therefore I put off writing my blog.

As I put  a couple things on ebay hubby loaded what was on my camera and it included just three of the snow we recently had. This is the patio and side of the conservatory I know the snow can be a nuisance but it does look lovely.

It was just starting to hang over the roof !!

The steps leading up to the drive from our front door with hubbys footprints and you can just see next doors cat has taken the same route.

I have done a fair bit on my stripey blanket it is almost finished. But not a pic at present.
I have also picked up some squares I made some time ago and have decided to put together and make a small blanket pics to follow I promise !!

Anyway thats it for now short and sweet off to check "Hand made with love"

Happy hooking and hoeing

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Reporting in at long last

Hello all

Here I am at long last. It seems like an age since my last blog.
My New Years resolution is to try and blog at least once every two weeks hopefully more !!!
We have all been busy though before Christmas I completed many projects not all photographed but they were gifts for Christmas so they are now long gone.
We decorated the house but with bought decs I'm afraid dont have any lovely home made and no young children to contribute theirs !!

Still very festive though.

Maybe next year decs will be different.

Oh i found some pics of some bunnies I made for pressies, forgot about these !

Dont think you have seen this pic before, but who knows - memory not what it used to be.

My stripey blanket is coming along slowly -

Its slow, not because I dont enjoy making it but I need to have a project on the go which needs know real concentration and I can pick up whenever I have the tv on or hubby needs to keep chatting, other projects need all my attention - you know what I mean!

Before christmas I mentioned about some craft fairs and here are a couple of pics of a couple I went to.
I did do quite well at a couple and will definitely do them again this year.

This was a local village hall and was supported by a lot of people.

These were at a pottery museum another fab couple of days I had so much fun. Looking forward to any fairs I do this year.

We have also just got back from a wonderul holiday on a cruise with cunard to the Panama Canal all I can say is can't wait to book another.
The ship was beautiful splendid and elegant.
The ports of call were all interesting and the cherry on the cake was the Panama Canal what a piece of engineering that is !!!
These are just a few pics to show how beautiful she was I have lots more and may keep sneaking a few in in future blogs.

Ball Room


In Port

Rear view in port

Just entering the canal

These are some of the trains that help to take the ships through the canal. there are three each side at the front and rear and they are attached to help navigate it and an extra braking system.
They cost around one million dollars each !!!!
It was truly amazing.

and last of all, us and our lovely dinner guests all decked up in posh gear !!!!!

I'm in green and hubby has red bow tie

I think thats all for tonight, glad to be back.
Happy hooking and hoeing

Friday, 2 December 2011

Inbetween Christmas Fairs

Good evening my cochet buddies

As mentioned previously I attended a Christmas Fair a two day event.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and sold quite a bit of my crafty projects so all was good.
It was a night of fairground atractions in the streets, fireworks and switching on of the town lights so very busy, first day was long but so much going on definately going to do it next year.

No pics at moment of this craft stall but might be a possibility for next blog.

However have a pic of stall at the school fair I did. It was just a couple of hours one evening not as hugely successful as the two day event but good fun all the same.

We were on tiny tables the the enfant children use so it was difficult to set things out but I hade a good go.

Here is a peek at my hooky project for myself its a multi colour blanket for my holiday home on wheels, I love it. Had to put it on a back burner whilst i finished off bits and bobs for my craft fair but will be back on it soon.

And not forgetting hubby - he has been very creative in the kitchen by producing some very tasty huntsman pies yum yum yum.

Oh plus one small pork pie yum yum

Had a go at some bunting and was very pleased with how it turned out.

And to follow a few pics of goodies I took to the fair :-

Little brooches

Hair bands

Candy pink and cream hat

snowy saying high to the goose

snowy back on the sideboard

And another hello kitty style doll the first one made was very popular and sold so this is mark two !!
Along with a Christmas bargain from one of my local charity shops.

That has now up dated you all with my hookey bits.
I have a few more in progress as I one more craft fair on Sunday so trying to add a few more items before then so my hook is calling.
I will take pics I promise and try to keep a regular blog and not be so hap-hazzard.

till the next time
Happy hooking and hoeing